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King Sekatala, Ruler of Spherus Magna (a request) by Vrahno
King Sekatala, Ruler of Spherus Magna (a request)
Just an older pic requested from me a while ago by :icontoajalokim:
Due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, it certainly took longer than expected to get  done.

That's part of why I don't normally do requests -- only made this one because I had thought I could finish it pretty quickly and, well, he asked so nicely. But please, no one ask for more, I don't have the time.

This is the description he's given of this OC, a character from his fan-created alternate timeline:

"King Sekatala is a Makuta native to an alternate universe in which he stopped Teridax from implanting the virus which would send Mata Nui to sleep. Eventually betrayed by his right hand Toa Hagah, Sekatala was banished to this universe's Bara Magna in critical condition. Taking over a robotic shell being developed by Agori, Sekatala aimed to reshape Bara Magnan society into a more civilized form. After wowing the Bara Magnans with his powers, they declared him King of Bara Magna.

After Mata Nui completed his mission in restoring Spherus Magna, the Matoran Universe inhabitants joined Sekatala's Kingdom, thus making Sekatala ruler of all of Spherus Magna.

Sekatala holds logic and reasoning above everything else, and believes that the most logical way to have peace and order in society is to control every aspect of it and limit free will. A group of individuals not wanting to live in a society such as that has started a rebellion, much to the annoyance of King Sekatala, as it disturbs the peace he works so hard to maintain."

Ain't it wonderful?
The ''Lamer'' Godzilla - original and redone by Vrahno
The ''Lamer'' Godzilla - original and redone
Some background info about this one.

I'm from one of those countries where the Godzilla franchise, or for that matter, classic monster movies in general, never had any sort of history. Just about everyone thinks that Godzilla is the brainchild of Roland Emmerich. As a kid, I've only been familiar with the franchise through the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon show, but didn't know that there were also movies. When Emmerich's much-hated 1998 re-imagining (which, unlike in the US, was a giant success over here) came out, I instantly fell in love with it.

They ran a short, bullshit report on TV around that time, in which they basically bashed the Japanese movies by intentionally playing clips from only the shoddier Godzilla films, like Son of Godzilla and Godzilla VS Megalon, while simultaneously praising the American remake as a superior update. I totally fell for it, and made that drawing based on my sketchy memories of the TV report, deliberately exaggerating the ugly design of the Godzilla suit and all the other ridiculous shit that they showed. I made it to poke fun at the "lamer" Godzilla, because back then, this was all that I knew about those films. I only had the chance to actually watch them for myself a decade later.

Recently, I decided to redo it, trying to guess which monsters those were supposed to be and having a more "respectful" go at drawing them, but also preserving some of their goofy charm.


Current Residence: Hungary
Favourite style of art: Any, provided the end result looks good.

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